On February 7 2024, UMG students who participated in international internship and community service in Thailand attended children’s day activities at the school where they were active, precisely at the Bantalohalo Yala School, Thailand.

This activity was attended by six UMG students, the school director, teachers and Ban Talohalo school students. In this activity the teachers express themselves by wearing attractive clothes. And the students gave their performances at the event.

Apart from that, the teachers prepared many gifts to distribute to the students. The prizes prepared are 80 bicycles and home furniture. After the prizes distribution, the event was not immediately finished, all the teachers gathered in the meeting room for a fashion show.

After doing a fashion show, teachers with the most attractive clothes were given prizes. The aim of this event is to entertain the students and it is hoped that they will have fun on Children’s Day.

By No Comment 23 April 2024