Gresik, East Java

History and Geographical Location of Gresik

Gresik is one of the big cities in East Java province which has the nickname of the city of santri and the city of industry. Gresik Regency is located in the North of East Java Province. Gresik Regency has an area of 1,191.25 KM2   and a water area of 5.773,80 Km2   consisting of 18 sub-districts, 330 villages and 26 urban villages.

Administratively, Gresik Regency has the following boundaries:

North side       : Java Sea

East               : Madura Strait and Surabaya City

South             : Sidoarjo Regency, Mojokerto Regency and Surabaya City

West side       : Lamongan Regency

The northern side of Gresik Regency is a coastal area throughout Kebomas District, part of Gresik District, Manyar District, Bungah District and Ujung Pangkah District. Meanwhile, Tambak and Sangkapura sub-districts are located on Bawean Island. Gresik is known as the city where the first cement factory was founded and the largest cement company in Indonesia, namely Semen Gresik. Together with Sidoarjo, Gresik is one of the main supports for the city of Surabaya, and is included in the Gerbangkertosusila area.

Condition of Gresik Regency Area

Gresik is located in the lowlands with an altitude of 0-25 meters above sea level (asl). As climatic conditions, Gresik Regency has a tropical climate with two seasons, namely dry season and an average temperature of 27.80 °C (lowest is 23.30 °C and highest is 33.00 °C). and friends when visiting Gresik can provide clothes that match the temperature in Gresik.

Places to visit

Gresik district has a variety of places that can be used as destinations. Places to go include:

    • Religious Tourism:

    • Tomb of Sunan Giri

    • Tomb of Syech Maulana Malik Ibrahim

    • Tomb of Raden Santri

    • Cempo’s Princess Tomb

    • Tomb of Siti Fatimah Bint Maimun

    • Kim Hin Kiong Temple

    • Natural Tourism

    • Deer Breeding (Sangkapura)

    • Cape Gaang

    • Sacred Limestone Hill

    • Elegant Beach

    • Slim Cave

    • History Tour

    • Sunan Giri Museum

    • Sunan Kalijaga Shrine

How’s Gresik’s Life?

Life in Gresik is quite varied and life in Gresik is quite affordable depending on our lifestyle, rental housing is quite affordable around 400,000 – 900,000 for boarding houses and while renting a house is around 5,000,000 to 25,000,000 per year. The cost of living depends on how we live our lives. Food prices in Gresik start from 5,000 and can be found at Gresik MSME traders.

Where is Gresik?

When going to Gresik, there are many easy access roads and transportation. Air access chooses Juanda airport, Surabaya and the sea can choose the destination of Surabaya port and continues with bus access to Gresik. And for land access, it can be accessed from all roads because Gresik is located in the middle of a big city so it is easily accessible.