International Relations Office (IRO)

International Relations Office or known as IRO, UMG was established on April , 2014 by rector, Universitas Muhammadiyah Gresik, as an effort to challenge the development of global education at Univesity level. The primary objectives of IRO are aimed at increasing the excellence of educational services and human resource professionalism at UMG, so that they will be equal and lined up with other reputable international universities further, it is also aimed at providing real contributions to solve global universities issues through its Tri Darma contributions in the field of education, research, and social/ customized programs.

In its relative young age, IRO UMG has been successfully cooperating with many well established overseas universities and schools such as Nottingham University, United Kingdom, National University of Singapore, Yala Rajabhat Thailand, Rajamangala University of Technology Krungtep, Thailand, University of kebangsaan Malaysia, and many other international schools partnership program from Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Vietnam. In Addition the realization of the partnership programs is implemented through : Double Degree/Twin program, joint research, social/ customized program, students Exchange, Language and Cultural Studies, Scholarship, Internship, and professional Development for staff of UMG, as well as other scientific partnership program as UMG commitment to glbal education challenges.

In line with university vision and mission, leading and autonomous university with its islamic values, IRO declares its commitments to support and foster UMG in order to promote and compete its brand’s name and its unique local wisdoms/ prospective internationally as well.

With IRO spirits, beliefs, commitment and its current entailments partnership program, IRO struggles hard to compete not only in Asia-Pasific countries but also in wider scope such as America, to interact and compete internationally