After carrying out an international internship in Thailand for 3 months, three Muhammadiyah University Gresik students from the English education department have now returned to campus. While carrying out international internship activities in Thailand, the 3 students were placed in 2 different schools. The two schools are Lukmanulhakeem school and Kronghpinang school. Three students consisting of Dhea Ayu Masruroh, Firdaus Roihanah and Muhammad Firmansyah carry out English language learning for their respective schools.

Since their arrival, they have attended pre-departure orientation to help introduce the environment and their daily activities to the next international interns. They said that their presence was very well received there. Apart from that, they also share their experiences teaching in other countries. With student conditions that are different from students in Indonesia.

By No Comment 24 Januari 2024