Two UMG students who have carried out an international internship at YaLa Thailand since October 2023 yesterday shared their impressions and messages. students named Dhea Ayu Masruroh and Firdaus Roihanah from english education department.

Firdaus who is familiarly called Irda said that this was a fun and unforgettable experience. “My impression of teaching at this school is that it was an unforgettable experience because I was able to learn to understand the different characters of students and also learning techniques that are suitable for students with diverse characters” said Firdaus Roihanah.

Apart from that, there was Dhea Ayu Masruroh who said “For activities at school, I felt a little afraid because it was my first time going abroad, but they are protecting us very well”. She also stated that Thailand’s nature is very beautiful “I was amazed by the sky, the sky looked very beautiful and clean, a very sharp blue color.” she said.
Last but not least, they both convey the message that take opportunities if they arise and don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone.

By No Comment 16 Januari 2024