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Gresik, Muhammadiyah Gresik University (UMG) held UMGCINMATIC 2022 (28/12). Presenting speakers from 4 countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines. Held hybridly at the Sang Pencerah Hall Floor 8 UMG, International Seminar activities covered various fields including: Education, Language Teaching, English Education, Virtual and Blended Teaching, Teaching Media, Early Childhood Education, Islamic Education, Entrepreneurship, Economics, Law, Psychology, Teaching Technology, Engineering and others. As co hosted namely Loei Primary Educational Service Area Office 2 Thailand.

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Seminar activity participants came from UMG and outside UMG. Participants from UMG consisted of 16 Psychology students, 9 Management students, 4 Accounting students, 2 PGSD students, Education. Mathematics 1 Student, Mechanical Engineering 1 Student. A total of 29 participants from UMG and 10 participants from Thailand.

As a speaker at THE 2nd UMGCINMATIC 2022 activity was Dr. Wanida Simpon from LPESAO2 Thailand, Dr. Thira Bawangkanantha, Deputy Secretary General of the office of the basic education Commission, Ministry of Education, Thailand, Dr. Rangsan Wibboonnuppatum (Unicef ​​Thailand), Dr. Farah Natchiar (UPSI Malaysia), Dr. Nur Fauziyah M.Pd, Muhammadiyah Gresik University, Engr. Jannet C Bencure (Visayas State University Philippines) and Moderator Paulina S.Pd, M.Pd.

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The Chancellor of Muhammadiyah Gresik University, as Keynote Speakers greeted all participants who attended both online and offline at the Sang Pencerah Hall. He welcomed all speakers, presenters, to participants in the 2022 UMG Social Science and Humanities International Conference. He also expressed his gratitude and welcome to Loei Primary Educational Service Area Office 2 Thailand who was present in person at UMG.

"We hope that with The 2nd UMGCINMATIC 2022 it can provide many benefits, especially on problems, especially in the world of education. As we all know that the world of education is the sector that was most seriously affected during the Covid-19 pandemic, so one of the main focuses in the world of education is "Learning Loss".

According to him, to overcome learning loss, it is necessary to implement and handle it holistically to help students improve the quality of their education. Apart from the Chancellor of UMG, the Director of LPESAO2 Thailand also gave a speech at the event.

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Dean of the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education UMG, Dr. Nur Fauziyah, M.Pd, as one of the speakers conveyed about the Independent Curriculum: Learning Recovery in Indonesia. The impact of Covid-19 on the world of education in Indonesia is very broad, including the learning crisis, so the government needs to make mitigation efforts on the issue of "Learning Loss". The characteristics of the independent curriculum are a continuation and simplification of the emergency curriculum.

Strategies for implementing independent curricula in schools with curriculum choices and adapting them to the readiness of each school. Because not all schools have the readiness to implement the Independent Curriculum.

Dr. Rangsun Wiboonuppatum from UNICEF, Thailand said that there was a booster program being carried out in Thailand, one of which was to encourage the ability of teachers and schools to use a blended learning system, which consists of on-site classroom learning, and online learning or independent learning at home under the supervision of parents. or educational volunteers.

In the presentation session, the presenters took part in parallel activities virtually through the breakout room. 39 participants made presentations in rooms A and B. Later, based on the articles, the best paper was selected and awarded The Excellent Research Awards.

Closing Statement from the 2nd Chairman of UMGCINMATIC Dr. Sukaris, SE, MM represented by Dr. Andi Rahmad Rahim expressed his gratitude to Loei Primary Educational Service Area Office 2 Thailand for providing support for the implementation of this activity. Andi hopes that this activity can be held again next year (UMG Public Relations).