FGD Implementation of UNITAL and UMG collaboration


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FGD Implementation of UNITAL and UMG collaboration

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January 16, 2023, UMG again held a Focus Group discussion with East Timor Lorosa'e University and UMG hosted the activity. After the signing of the MoA between Universitas Muhammadiyah Gresik and East Timor University which was held in November 2022. The FGD was attended by representatives from the Health Faculty of Timor National University Dr.joaquim de Jesus Vaz Lic.Med.GB PG Ep.MF. and from the Universitas Muhammadiyah Gresik attended by the head of the nursing study program and lecturers from the Faculty of Health also attending the activity as well as the Partnership Bureau team.

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In the FGD activities the implementation of the Collaboration discussed the inaugural program that would hold a student exchange between UNITAL and UMG in the coming academic year. This activity held discussions about how the initial student exchange process was, the subjects to be taught, which semester students would take part in the program and whether it was held online or offline were discussed during the afternoon's activities.

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After getting the results of the completion and conclusions of the activity, it was continued with a suave. And the results of the FGD will be conveyed to university leaders and the program will be implemented immediately.