Visiting Gosari And Delegan Beach By UMG Short Culture Participants


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Visiting Gosari And Delegan Beach By UMG Short Culture Participants

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December 3, 2022, the Short Indonesian Culture And Language Program for Foreign Speakers at the University of Muhammadiyah Gresik which was held at the end of 2022 presented many interesting activities for foreign students participating in the program, one of which was an outing class. In addition to learning Indonesian language and culture, participants also took part in outing class activities including visiting Gosari and beach tours. The IRO Bureau Delegan wanted to introduce tourist attractions that were frequently visited.

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The outing class was assisted by the public relations team and also Ms. Nada to help explain in English. The participants in this activity were enthusiastic about exploring the area around Gresik district, including nature tourism in the northern Gresik area, namely Gosari. Gosari is a village in Ujungpangkah District, Gresik Regency, East Java province. Osari has pre-Islamic historical and cultural tourism, which can be covered in the design of wagos tourism, namely inscriptions. while in Gosari the participating friends were given an explanation of the history and the place and continued with free activities.

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After from Gosari continue the journey to Delegan beach. Delegan Beach is a beach that is included in one of the mainstay tourism objects in Gresik Regency. Its charm has attracted the attention of visitors from various cities in East Java, even Central Java. Like the other northern coasts of Java, Delegan Beach has relatively calm waves. they were very happy because the beach they saw was clean and the sand was beautiful and the view of the ships that were going to dock. While on the beach they interact with local residents to buy food that they think is unique. Then continued lunch at one of the places to eat around Delegan Beach with an elegant view, it was already late afternoon and we continued our journey back to campus.