Intercultural Marriage in Kuliah Jaman NOW


By : Administrator

Being productive during the outbreak can be very beneficial for many people, especially to learn more about things that you don't learn formally. Universitas Muhammadiyah Gresik (UMG) has provided a lot of platforms and events for which we can join online. One of them is “Kuliah Jaman NOW” with NOW stands from “Nang Omah Wae” (Just stay home). It is an online public lecture held by the university to facilitate students, staffs, and public to gain knowledge from many different fields. This event often collaborates with many people from different specialty such as education, business, research, etc. “Kuliah Jaman NOW” is held weekly every Wednesday and Saturday. The topics are varied and up to date related to the current issue. One of the interesting topics is about “Intercultural Marriage”.

The online lecture was held on Wednesday, 15th April 2020, hosting an international couple, Nick Lischynsky MS.,TESOL and Rohmi Husnia, SS.,M.Pd, as speakers . Mrs. Rohmi is a lecturer in English department of UMG, and her husband, Mr. Nick is a lecturer in Shantou University, China. The lecture was attended by students, lecturers, and staffs of UMG. It was a big chance to get to know about how it is to be a mixed couple from 2 different countries with different culture and personality. Mr. and Mrs. Lischynsky shared their experience since they met and became a family. It was not that easy to get used to with each other’s culture. In fact, Mrs. Lischynsky stated that it was challenging to face the different culture which takes time to understand each other.

Furthermore, the audiences also asked the question enthusiastically regarding intercultural communication, both in and out of marriage. They said that the important key is a communication. No matter how far the distance among each other, as long as the communication goes well, everything will be fine. Finally, the most important thing is that we have to be open minded in facing differences, not only in marriage, but also in any kind of circumstances such as business, friendship, research, etc.